Eccellenza sull'estetica dentale minimamente invasiva

The adventure of DenMat Italia began in 2001 from the interpersonal relationship between the managing director Dr. Pierpaolo Falivene and the founder of DenMat Holding, Dr. Robert Ibsen, from which the distribution on the Italian market of the products of the American company starts, from always leader in innovative solutions for dentists and minimally invasive aesthetics, present in over 60 countries around the world.
However, it is in 2013 that the birth of DenMat Italia is officially sanctioned, obtaining certification as the first European laboratory authorized for the production of Lumineers and Snap on Smile, based in Baronissi (Salerno), certification obtained following completion by the laboratory technicians from a training period carried out directly in the US factories.
Today, thanks to the work and experience gained, with the use of Ceramica Cerinate 2 and with the support of new high-definition CAD -CAP (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Printer) technologies, the DenMat Italia laboratory has the possibility of create in addition to Lumineers and Snap-On Smile, crowns and bridges in Ceramics Waxed on natural elements and on implants and crowns in lithium disilicate and zirconia, all by combining the use of highly technological equipment, such as the modern 5-axis milling machine and cutting-edge software with the craftsmanship of the technicians, acquired over decades of experience.
Thanks to the characteristics of the new patented Ceramics Cerinate 2, it is possible to produce products with minimum thicknesses, which require a little preparation, while preserving the natural tooth structure where possible. This exceptional raw material, Cerinate, a feldespathic ceramic enriched with nano leucite crystals with its superior resistance equal to 216 Mpa, gives LUMINEERS® thicknesses as thin as a contact lens, so as to allow positioning without the removal of sensitive dental structure. This new minimally invasive technique is having great success among patients by reshaping the smile. LUMINEERS® 2 are indicated on different types of treatments such as worn, fractured teeth, with tetracycline stains, misalignments and many others. The new pre-sintered Cerinate ceramic, reinforced with homogeneously arranged leucite crystals, make it the most resistant on the market. In contrast to sintered ceramic, the pre-sintered ceramic does not undergo the complete firing process during the fabrication of the ceramic cores. This substantial difference means that the pre-sintered Cerinate ceramic achieves complete firing only in the pressing phase, at a lower temperature without modifying the homogeneous arrangement of the leucite crystal lattice. This results in greater strength and elasticity of the ceramic with the achievement of veneers up to 0.3mm thick. The homogeneous arrangement of the nuclei of the leucite crystals facilitates polishing and glazing during the finishing phase, giving greater translucency and shine (LUMINEERS). The natural consequence is to obtain excellent and biocompatible aesthetic results such as glass-ceramics, but at the same time resistant such as lithium disilicate or zirconia, without, of course, containing metals and with much lower thickness.

The Snap-On Smile is a comfortable removable, flexible, extremely resistant and precise cosmetic prosthesis, which does not require preparation of the patient’s natural teeth, nor anesthesia, nor adhesives. Its seal on the juxta-gingival margins does not create irritation, it does not cover the palate like traditional prostheses but its retention is obtained on the entire dental surface, vestibular, lingual, mesial and distal. Made of acetal resin, a durable and strong material, which allows to obtain thin thicknesses up to 0.5mm without compromising its resistance, it is the only device that can be made in different thicknesses in a single arch to recreate an optimal and more natural aesthetic appearance possible.
In 2016, the invisible orthodontics Ghost Smile was introduced to complete the offer of the laboratory line, which always responds to the concept of minimally invasive, high aesthetic performance.
The DenMat Italia laboratory serves every day as an official distributor for many European countries.
DenMat has thus made the concept of minimal invasiveness and high aesthetic results, respecting the periodontium and soft tissues its business philosophy and all our products are designed to allow the practical application of these concepts: from the restorative line (Geristore …) , whiteners (Lumibrite), lasers for the management of the periodontium …
All these products for daily practice go alongside the two main brands of the DenMat laboratory, Lumineers and Snap on Smile.
In recent years, in addition to patient care, DenMat has also paid attention to the comfort of the doctor by offering tools that make their work more comfortable and safe, such as the Perioptix magnifying systems and the related lighting systems, which improve the quality of work. and help prevent possible ailments. DenMat Italia is the exclusive distributor of these equipment, already chosen by NASA.
DenMat Italia, headed by the CEO Pierpaolo Falivene, now has more than 15 employees working in its various company and laboratory departments, 20 sales representatives throughout the country and 4 product specialists.
Since 2015, to complete its offer, DenMat Italia has included in its product portfolio the distribution of the TBR France implant line exclusively for Italy, and from 2020 the SK disinfection line.

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